Dark Chocolate in cakes! Who doesn’t love them?  Did you know that these delicious desserts are not just for fun in fact they provide a boost of energy to the body and a refreshed feeling to the mind

CAKES! Who doesn’t love them?  Did you know that these delicious desserts are not just for fun in fact they provide a boost of energy to the body and a refreshed feeling to the mind

Although Cakes provide a good amount of energy, they also help improve our digestion, furthermore a boost of endorphins also helps us combat stress and anxiety so if you’re not having a good day, you should treat yourself with some tasty cakes for a delightful experience.

There can also be other benefits like strength & help in slimming down but let’s save that for another day. Now the Big question is where can we get the best cakes…

If you are looking for a unique taste and colorful experience then Hatimi flavors is the best option for you. Hatimi Flavors strives to provide you with innovative food flavors that are made by using special organic ingredients.

Flavors is the top most priority which makes people come back again. Here At Hatmi flavors we provide organic, flavorful and pure food flavors without adding any preservatives.

Since Hatmi flavors are all about flavors, we have a wide range of different varieties which can perfectly match your cravings, taste and mood.

Hatmi flavors offer a wide spectrum of food flavors to make your food more flavorful and tempting. If you choose Hatmi flavors you will get to experience special, different and unique flavorful taste of food flavors and food colors in Karachi.

The varieties we have at Hatim’s flavors range from beverages, snacks to other bakery items based on whatever food color you want to add on your item. Hatim’s delightful flavors are widely scattered in different market places so it’s easy to reach out for them.


Here at Hatmi flavors and foods we provide various cocoa powder and chocolates at different price ranges.

Moreover, we offer several food products which are available at reasonable prices starting from just ninety rupees.

The products available are


 Special Dark Chocolate starts from 550 rupees. It is available in different sizes 1 or 2 Kg and the brand is pastry peaks.

For more information contact us now.


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