Chocolate and Coffee; a Bitter Sweet Love Story

There is no ingredient that stirs up sweetness in everything like chocolate. We don’t really know what the magic is but just the word chocolate puts a honeyed smile on the faces and a glitter in the eyes. The rejoice towards life that comes with just a bar of milky chocolate is complete wizardry of chocolatiers.

Chocolate may not be a direct cure to depression but it will always be associated to happiness and make compulsory appearances in celebrations of all sort. The magical potion of cocoa, milk powder, sugar and vanilla results into the milky chocolates that is potent enough to handle the sad parts of our lives.

The delicate balance of ingredients give you that mild, velvety, milky taste that just melts into the mouth leaving behind the sweetened ecstasy. The creamier taste and texture and the light color is perfect for those who aren’t really a big fan of dark chocolates.

  • Health Benefits of Milk Chocolate:

It is so surprising how a small square of chocolate lightens up the entire day. There are countless studies showing health benefits of milk chocolate busting every myth claiming it is unhealthy infact milk chocolate has astonishing health benefits. To start with milk chocolate is a great source of antioxidant and contains plenty of calcium. To add to that you can find small amounts of iron, potassium, zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin K.

  • The love story of Chocolate and Coffee:

Milk chocolate is just like a blank canvas, it literally makes edibles paired with it so much more vibrant. World literally revolves around milk chocolate and its combinations that include fruits and nuts of all sort and much more. Yet there is one combination that fits like an epic love story.

Ofcourse we’re talking about coffee and chocolate. There is no pairing that taste better than coffee and milk chocolate. The aromatic bitterness of coffee and velvety milky chocolate taste sits so well proving to be a match made in heaven.

It is not even like that the both of them just make good warm drinks for winters, coffee and chocolate taste super delicious when paired in whatsoever desert whether its cakes, brownies, ice-creams, soufflés, mousse and the list just goes on.

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