The heat is blazing and the summer is on the highest roll currently. In all its glory summer brings along a certain thirst to be refreshed, a thirst to revive the energy you lost in the scorching sun, and to just be cool in the summer.

This thirst in summer calls for a stimulating Refreshing drink at every given chance, occasion or not. So in search of that fruity refreshing drink people have started scanning the stalls at the local stores but isn’t it such a hassle to scan the market in the flaming heat just for a drink. What could be the alternative to this treasure hunt?

Easy! Hatimi Flavors have all the vibrant fruity flavors you need this summer to chill at your home away from the heat into the cool. At Hatimi Flavors you get your absolute summer favorite flavors that are formulated to capture and captivate your taste buds.

As close as it can be to nature, the flavors at Hatimi capture the pure essence of the real taste and give you a reviving taste. For you to beat the heat this summer Hatimi brings you your very own summer favorite that includes:

  • Blueberry Flavor: Packed with tons of mighty antioxidants, blueberries may one of the world’s smallest fruits in size, but their big flavor says otherwise. Hatimi Flavors offers you hand-picked notes that are formulated and delivered in a blueberry flavor
  • Falsa Flavor: the sweet and sour blend of falsa has many flustered and Hatimi Flavors gets you that perfect blend in their falsa flavor.
  • Lemon and Lime Flavor: the citrusy flavors are the most refreshing ones and you know that too. The lemon and lime flavor by Hatimi Flavors hits you in all the right places to fulfill your citrus craving.
  • Mango Flavor: basked and grown in the blazing sunlight, this fruity flavor is the best summer representative at Hatimi Flavors.
  • Peach Flavor: in the warm summer months Peaches are at their best and to have a peachy drink, to say the least, would never leave you too peachy.
  • Pineapple Flavor: Pineapple is the perfect summer treat for someone who loves a good balance between sweetness and tartness and Hatimi Flavors has the balance figured out perfectly for them in the pineapple flavor
  • Watermelon Flavor: watermelon is number one on the summer popular list since it is all in its glory The Very Summer Fruit. Hatimi Flavors has rightfully captured the ripe, sweet, and mouthwatering taste of watermelon into their watermelon flavor

Amalgamate these appetizingly cool flavors by Hatimi Flavors this summer to get yourself a perfect glass of an absolutely refreshing drink that too in your favorite flavor. Visit now to get your hands on your favorite flavor at Hatimi Flavors and while you are at it you can take a look at all other mouth-watering flavors available.

At some point in our lives, we all have cooked a meal and thought that it needs some extra flavor. It has happened to all of us so you are not alone. With the advancements in technology, a true process has been developed that helps you to add flavors to any meal and breathe life into your food. However, before going on to the ways to add flavors to your meal, it is quite essential to make sure that you choose high-quality ingredients to maximize the food’s flavor and nutrition. It is also important to handle and store the food properly as well as make sure that the food is not overcooked as it can destroy the flavors and nutrients.

Nevertheless, here are 5 ways to add flavors to any meal:

1 – Why Buy from Hatimi?
One of the most important and easiest ways to add flavors to any meal is buying flavors from Hatimi flavors. It may cost you a little but it is the best way to add flavors to your meal. Hatimi flavors have the best flavors available in the market so you can infuse impeccable taste in your snacks and appetizers. All you have to do is shop online from the Hatimi flavors and buy a bunch of different flavors depending on your personal choice, and then add little drops of them to your food.

The flavors from Hatimi flavors have many applications such as it is used in the confectionery industry in Karachi. Not only that but it can also be used in beverages, dairy, and bakery. Moreover, Hatimi flavors make sure that all of their products including various types of flavors have zero animal origin and are 100 percent halal so you can enjoy halal food without having any doubts.

2 – Food colors from Hatimi flavors
Another way to add flavor to your meal is by purchasing food colors from Hatimi flavors and add them to your food. You may be thinking that food colors do not have any taste. However, contrary to the popular belief, they do have taste and can add flavors to your meals. According to many studies, food colors do not have any kind of flavor but it is a psychological effect. The changes in the food can make people think that it will taste differently. For instance, adding the red food color from Hatimi flavors into your meal can make you think that your meal has a strong flavor now.

3 – Fondant colors from Hatimi flavors
You can use fondant colors from Hatimi flavors for multiple reasons including but not limited to sculpt or decorate cakes, pastries or cupcakes. Fondant color is quite different from icings, which makes it unique, and fondant colors from Hatimi flavors make them more unique as they have a great taste and are quite silky smooth. Furthermore, they are quite easy to use and do not get any cracks or saggings. Compared to other fondant colors from other shops, fondant colors from Hatimi flavors have better stability as they do not use elephant skin in it. Lastly, they are great for covering and modeling. Moreover, Hatimi flavors offer a lot of different fondant colors such as yellow, orange, and brown at the best prices.

4 – Lemon or lime
Adding a splash of lemon or lime is one of the best ways to add flavor to your meal since it can offer a fresh burst of acidity that is great for balancing the flavor of your meal. Although, you have to make sure that you add a splash of it after cooking the meal and not before it as it will get lost in the cooking process. It is advisable to juice a bunch of lemons and store the lemon juice in the fridge so it is already available when you need it.

5 – Food sprinklers from Hatimi flavors
Last but not least, purchasing food sprinklers from Hatimi flavors and adding them to your meal is also another great way to add flavor to your meal. Adding food sprinklers to your food can not only add a better and strong flavor to your meal but it can also make the food look more aesthetic.

Flavor is what keeps you coming for those edibles you love so much, it is certainly not just about taste it is also a sensation that takes you back to the memories you shared with the people you shared your flavorful food with. It takes a lot of effort to get that food and flavor to be as good as being memorable for you.

To make your food and drinks as memorable as the time spent with people whom you are sharing the delicacies with you need something organic and pure, something as flavorful as the food flavors at Hatimi Flavors. Wait! That’s it, Hatimi flavors is all you need to get your edibles flavorsome.

Hatimi Flavors strives to offer you innovative food flavors that are made by using special organic ingredients so that you can indulge in making and having edibles that you’ve craved for. They say variety is like spice, it is what gives life the flavor and since Hatimi Flavors is all about food flavor they decided to have a wide variety of that to fit your mood, taste and cravings.

So along with unique blend of food flavors and quality, Hatimi flavors also offer you a wide spectrum of food flavors to make your food as interesting as you are. Unique taste and colorful experience is what you are in if you choose Hatimi flavors for food flavors and food colors in Karachi.

From confectionery to snack and from beverages to bakery delicacies, whether you need to add flavor or food color to your edibles, Hatimi flavors has got you covered. Hatimi’s delectable flavors are none the less widely scattered in numerous market places but you can find out about them and order them at Happy Flavoring!